What is Creampie?


Still to this day most individuals don't know that the term creampie represents the visual display that occurs after a guy cums inside the pussy of the babe he has just made love too. The creampie fetish has really only been mainstream since about the year 2000 when the first site opened up and started promoting the sexual act of photographing and video taping the after effects of an internal creampie style cumshot. It was a very rare thing in those days, as where many other non creampie fetishes, but within a few years it became one of the most hunted form of porn on the planet with millions of searches performed monthly.


So what is the fascination with creampie? Well everyone has their own kink that floats their sexual boat but I suspect it stems from the naturalistic tendency inside in all men to procreate. I would suggest that it isn't truly a fetish at all and that the creampie act is the most natural sexual thing people can perform simply because this is what our parts are made for. If you think about it one could postulate that any non creampie form of sexual behavior constitutes a fetish and cumming inside pussy should be considered the norm. Obviously in this day and age care must be taken, but for responsible adults creampie fun should be part of the diet they enjoy in the bedroom.
This is a creampie!


Creampies in the Vintage era.

Vintage Creampie - The Risky Years


Some of the earliest examples of creampie pornography date back to around the 1930's or 1940's, it is somewhat difficult to pin down the actual date as many where black and white films, and the creampie was just the norm. Obviously erotic entertainment in this era was risky and extremely taboo, which is odd because prostitution was rampant, socially accepted, and somewhat respected. One of the first vintage creampie films I witnessed was called the convicts and was dated to the 20's. It featured several women and men, supposedly escaped men, gallivanting around in the woods with the guys stumbling upon the poor girls and then releasing their pend up energies by screwing and leaving them each with a creampie dripping from their hairy holes. This type of fun was produced for several years in this time frame but due to the risk of pregnancy, remember no birth control back then, it slowly faded away.


The 1950's through the 1980's produced very few creampie videos, at least that we could find, as it seemed everyone was fascinated with the oral creampie shot or the infamous pull it out and squirt it all over her body shot. Women of this time frame seemed less inclined to submit their special little vaginal flower to the creampie fetish crowd, which in part, was still considered a point of no return for these gals in as much as once they gave up that particular part of their womanhood there was no getting it back. It was a very personal thing for them, that being letting a strange guy blow cum inside her pussy, and the fans of creampie sex suffered during these dark days, kidding of course.


Creampie in the beginning.

Creampie In The 80's.


Yes the above statement is somewhat romanticizing creampie that is in its simplest form nothing more than the act of a guy loading up some chicks pussy with cum but hey its our niche and its what we are here discussing so on we go. As mentioned the years preceding the 90's where somewhat devoid of good internal cumshot action but there where changes on the wind. Overseas many German and French producers where filming good old fashion creampie shots, like the one pictured here, as in these cultures it was expected that a girls pussy should end up full of sticky spunk. They did take it a step further on occasion by including priests and teachers who during the course of the fun took advantage of young bimbo whores, with creampie demons and blackmailing, who couldn't keep their legs together.


With the advent of easy over the counter birth control creampies soon started so show up with regularity, both in amateur and pro films. One the earliest producers was Mike Hott who made several series entitled Sloppy Seconds where not only would daring ladies take sperm into their belly but do so with gang bang prediction, with up to six guys taking a turn, and each leaving his load inside her for the next. These where the first tailor made movies specially designed to excite the creampie loving fans and soon many followed. Randy West is famous for his Please Cum Inside Me series which showcased several hot stars, at the time, doing what few would allow just a few short years before. Hard bodied young beauties taken to the limit and then spread wide for all to see, the creampies where fantastic and the fetish had taken off.


The Next State of Creampie.

Modern Day Creampie


We have been a part of the online creampie community since 2000, almost from the beginning of the fetish, and at a time when the internet was taking off. In those days videos where small as connection speeds slow and although many may not remember, downloads dictated tiny movies and low resolution pictures. Thankfully things have steadily improved and we are now able to stream full size high resolution video clips and provide amazingly detailed pictures. Beautiful models who gracefully love to open their snatch for creampie style cumshots are now plentiful and we do our best to hunt them down and put them in front of the camera for your enjoyment.


We started this off by answering the question what is a creampie and the intention was not only to describe the term but give a bit of history of the theme and of creampie hunnies. As mentioned during the late 90's the fetish blossomed and several sites , including this one, opened up the doors and began to serve creampie to those who enjoyed watching. Since those early days we have consistently provided a safe and economical place for men, and women, around the globe to come and witness hot and messy creampie shots and we intend on doing so for many years to come. Inside you will find not only the regular internal cumshots but also a nice collection of vingtage creampie videos and much more so take a look around and cum inside and have some fun.



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