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If you're looking for true kink then Kat is your girl! This naughty wife does what most would only consider in their fantasies, that being walking into adult bookstores, entering a booth, and humping strange cocks until they creampie her hot little box with sperm.


After being abused and used like a common street hooker, although most of the working girls would not even do this, she takes her dripping snatch home and shows it off to her hubby, who thankfully for us she likes to see his wife full of strange cum. If your a fan of glory hole actions then this chick is gonna make your blow a load. She documents her actions with hot videos and pictures which we showcase inside the members area but here is a brief run down on some of that kinky fun.


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Dripping Gloryhole Creampie
Kat came to us a long time ago looking for a new home. She had built a sweet little site showing off her adventures at the local hang outs but the old host who was handling those pages could not handle her crazy fun so we offered this sweetheart a free place to show off her cum filled dripping pussy. Clearly this hot wife loved to screw and I must say her pussy lips where built for breeding, I just love the way they wrap tightly around the lucky duck who happens to wondering into the bookstore booth. Not only is watching this lovely creature screw fun but listening to her moan almost made me cream my jeans. Sexy doesn't do this woman justice. Anyway, after talking some stud into banging her ass he slides his pecker through the hole and she points the weapon directly at her furry hole and mounts it hard not stopping until her snatch is destroyed by a gloryhole creampie.


Take a peak at some of the images here and you will see what I mean. Up close and personal doesn't even come close as you about face first in cock and cum as Kat plants the camera right against her cock stretched hole. Lots of humping follow until all a sudden bam! Cum flows from her pussy as yet another unknown man blows his load in her twat then kicks her to the curb by pulling out and leaving in a hurry, not bad if you're him I guess. The resulting mess of sperm flows all over covering this hot ladies furry twat hole with thick globs of semen and dripping down her leg. Each one of these naughty gloryhole creampie shots is followed by nasty action such as this and poor Kat is almost helpless to her addiction.


We asked this wild wife if she liked banging strangers and her exact words where absolutely! Now that is our kind of woman, one who is not afraid do take the bull by the horns and go find some cock, even if it means offering up your woman parts to full blow bareback action. She mentioned that each time a man cums inside her twat hole it makes her feel more like a whore which quickly makes her pussy wet. The way she describes the feeling of a hard throbbing pecker is exciting, mentioning that she can feel the second warms cum enters her cunt. On occasion she is surprised at the speed of those who use and abuse her hairy babymaker but she gets what she needs, a juicy gloryhole creampie, so it's never a big deal when a massive cock plants a load inside her exposed flesh and burns it off like a hit and run.


Another interesting part of this story is that Kat is not on a steady birth control regiment, which means each time she visits the hole she is playing with nature. On more than one occasion she has taking live loads of sperm in her vagina giving home to the mass amounts of fertile hotdogs ready to go knock her hot ass up.


If you have never witnessed one of her videos come on in and check it out. Watching her stretched pussy lips suck up strange loads of sperm will surely make you happy and the creamy mess that follows are a pleasure for any creampie fan, which is why we love having the naughty gloryhole loving wife here. There is a full section dedicated to her adult bookstore adventures with full dvd quality video downloads, stories about her gloryhole creampie accolades, and more so check out the crazy wife as she barebacked horny cocks from the dirty back alley hangouts.


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Showing Gloryhole Creampie


This Wife Is A True Gloryhole Slut Who Loves Creampie


Personaly if it where me I would gladly take my turn at the hole with this wife and go so far as to say I would even dump a load in her furry snatch, which I know she would let me do as she is a true gloryhole slut. If you have never witnesses the intense action in one of these booths be sure to join us and download her videos, it will be an experience you won't soon forget.



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