Creampie Surprise

A little about her... well she looks to about 19 year old teen, maybe 5 foot 5 inches tall and probably no more than 105 pounds, and each curve of that amazing frame is almost perfect. Breasts are creamy white with cute brown nipples that truely deserve suckling. Well rounded and extremely perky with a touch of innocense that really arrouses the senses.
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Before Creampie SurpriseCunt completely shaved, which gives some great shots of tight lips and fertile vagina in this video. You can easily see them tightly wrap around this stip shaft, almost sucking it, including the load of cum inside. This is the first internal cumshot and we don't know if semen made its way home and insemenated her, but I almost have to think that a young fertile pussy like that full of hot creampie surprise would almost surely lead to some sperm finding its home and nailing one of her eggs.


During Creampie SurpriseNatasha's vaginal cumshot video started off with them on the sofa fully dressed. This chick had that look in her eyes, you know, the one that clearly says I want hammered. Groping and kissing follow, as lucky lover foundles his way around, reaching up the sweater and coping supple breasts. As the intesity heats up, he strips the shirt and reveals the lack of a bra, which of course means we get our first look at those silky firm breasts. He goes after them with his tongue, suckling like a starving calf, which brings both of Natashas nipples to attention as they harden up and become puffy from the creampie surprise about to unfold.


Giving Creampie SurpriseWanting to return the oral favor, Natasha moves in to help out in the removal of clothing and quickly strips down naked. Then gracefully goes down to suck up his pecker to swell up the man juice inside that will eventually find its way into her sweet cunt. With a hard cock surely swelling with cum, shes slides away and allows the remainder of clothing to be removed and we get out first glance at that amazing pussy she had been hiding. With willing studs penis hard and ready to deliver a creampie surprise, Natasha opens up her fertile playground, first by spreading those lovely legs to allow him to enter, and then gently guiding his slimy cock into waiting vagina.


Showing Creampie Surprise Nat takes a royal pounding by him, first in the missionary pose, then doggy and cowgirl, and he pumps hard thruout the entire video. With a load of sperm ready and waiting he returns to missionary position to plant his seed and vigoriously fucks to bring himself to orgasm. He grunts and groans as his cock spews its sperm laiden load of semen deep inside her unprotected pussy. You can tell she can feel the pumping of his cock, body pulsing with each throb from his boner burried inside. With the creampie surprise planted, he slips back to admire his work and reveal Natashas creamed vagina. The cum bubbles up out of her body and slowly dribbles down to the crack of that hot ass while she relaxes and spreads for the camera.

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